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At KPKi, we're passionate about storytelling. One of the best mediums to tell a good story is through video. Because of that, we offer full-service video production. Our team of writers, producers, videographers, editors, graphic artists, and more will work together to create a video that fits your needs. From testimonials and interviews, to commercials and events, we've done it and love it all.
Our  love of photography stems from curiosity in people and the world around us and in finding art and joy in everyday places and situations.  Natural light and hand-held work are our favorites. We specialize in people photography of all kinds, shooting corporate and entrepreneur headshots and environmental portraiture, family portraits and special occasions.

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Radio Spots
Commercial radio continues to be an effective way for both large and small companies to send messages to targeted listeners. Take a listen to these radio spots we produced for Northside Hospital:
Audio podcasts are a great way to get a message across. We'll help you get your ramble on. Here's a podcast we did for Shepherd Center:
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Good writing is as important as good conversation.  In fact, something well-written can be a good conversation starter, whether it’s a few words of pithy copy in an ad or a Tweet, or a logically laid-out feature article or white paper. We’ll get the words right out of your mouth or help you put them back in your mouth, if that’s necessary.

Here are some examples of things we write:

•Annual Reports
•Bylined Articles
•Company Backgrounders
•Customized Media Training Materials
•Executive Speeches & Presentations
•Event Runs of Show
​•Fundraising/Friendraising Videos
•Press Kits
•Press Releases
•Promotional Materials: Postcards, e-blasts, e-newsletters
•Scripts of all Kinds
•Speeches and Talking Points for CEOs, Presidents
•Training Videos
•Web Sites

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