RFP Response
For the Southern Group of State Foresters

We're KPKinteractive

Thank you for inviting us to offer a proposal! We had a great time working with Georgia Forestry Commission recently and hope this RFP response drives home the message that we’re qualified, ready and able to work with you.

Your goals & needs

We understand the Southern Group of State Foresters wants to
1) raise general understanding, awareness, support and championing of forestry and
2) promote forestry and its different career paths to youth within its 13-state group, and
3) better promote the forestry topics for which the group is seeking to affect change.

We researched these topics and primary policies through the SGSF website and are confident we can gather the appropriate interviews and footage and create scripts and/or storyboard outlines to get across the many facets of forestry in the south in a way that resonates with viewers.

On set with Coy Bowles of the Zac Brown Band
Interviewing leading environmentalist Paul Hawken
About Us
Founded in 2000, KPKinteractive is a boutique digital content, video production, marketing/PR group based in Atlanta. Our experience, expertise and interest make us ideally suited for your video needs. Key members of the team named in our bid have been working together from six to ten years. Together we have initiated and handled major video projects across states and continents. Many projects involved travel to multiple locations, as well as the incorporation of footage and interviews that we maximized to use in several videos.

What makes us stand apart from other video production companies?

We have:spent 30+ years creating and synthesizing messages for dozens of organizations, from governmental entities to nonprofits to corporations andcreated hundreds of videos and a few films, using narrative, script-driven, interview-driven, visual and music-driven, graphics, voiceover, talent/host-on-camera or some combination thereof andmoved audiences to tears, laughter, action and hope.We are:budget conscious and results drivenknowledgeable about maximizing your campaign’s reach with proven experience across social media channelscreators of a unique video upload toolkit – we don’t just hand you the video files, andcompletely confident in our ability to satisfy you and hit your targets successfully!

Read more about us and our relevant work in the Bios section below and in our pdf

Project Approaches

"People of Forestry" Concept

We brainstormed multiple concepts and can produce any that suit your desired messaging and targets. Here is one concept we fleshed out that, for now, we’ll call "People of Forestry." This concept lends itself well to a story-driven platform of multiple videos that promote awareness, showcase the policies aimed at affecting change and help recruit youth into forestry careers. We feel these personal stories will imbue a sense of connection, empathy and trust in the viewer more than any other technique.

Click here to enlarge the concept diagram.

"People of Forestry" is proposed as a series of interview-driven videos focusing on Conserve, Protect and Enhance.

We'll use interviews of relevant people: unique, diverse folks working or engaged in forestry throughout the Southern Group of State Foresters region.James, an African-American family forester from Georgia who wants to conserve his family’s forestry tradition.Jose, a district forester and supervisor in Texas who, along with his team, works to protect their district. Ellen, a scientist in Mississippi, who assesses the latest scientific data impacting best practices in forestry management. Others: perhaps forestry professors, land use specialists, lobbyists, loggers, etc.This concept includes: Three, 3-minute videos for each of the action verbs Conserve, Protect and EnhanceOne overarching, 4-to-5-minute long video composed of the above content plus any additional supportive b-roll and voiceover needed to best portray people, priorities and programs, andNine, 1-minute stand-alone videos, each featuring a unique person of forestry, ideal for social media and web sharing to build excitement for the series!
Other Concepts
Here are other concepts we could execute for sharing Southern Group of State Foresters’ messaging in a compelling, memorable way, in place of or possibly in combination, with the "People of Forestry" concept.

For example, facts and figures about southern forestry could be easily conveyed using white board or motion graphics techniques with short text on screen like the examples below.

As we shoot footage throughout the region, we will find and direct some very compelling visuals that could later be used in a one-minute "Wow" video that portrays a "From Tree to Table" or "Day in the Life of a Southern Forest" theme. Here's a commercial we like, and while it doesn't fit content wise, is a good example of what that kind of video can "feel" like. We achieved a similar feel in One Day in Search of the South; look for it in the samples below.